Buy or Lease: Which One Works For You?

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Are you in the market for a new Ford but unsure whether it would be better for you to buy or lease? Certain factors such as your financial situation and lifestyle can steer you in one direction or another, and our seasoned team of Ford financing experts are ready and willing to assist you in making the right decision. We’ll help you explore all of your options, discuss possible payment plans and answer any questions you may have about buying or leasing a new Ford. Everyone has their own unique situation, so our goal is to uncover the perfect option for you!

The first step is to schedule a test-drive at our Ford dealership in Montevideo, MN, to get behind the wheel of various Ford models and find the one that speaks to you the most. Once you’ve made an educated decision, we’ll sit down with you to discuss the nitty-gritty of financing options to determine whether buying or leasing is the best decision for your particular lifestyle. We’ll help you discern the differences between buying or leasing when it comes to important categories like your ownership of the vehicle, your down payment upon purchase and the mileage and maintenance specifications that come with each option. Whatever type of financial solution works best with your career, lifestyle and financial situation, our Ford financing specialists will devote their time and effort so you can drive away in a new Ford feeling confident and satisfied about your purchase.

Curious to learn more about your options? Check out our chart below, and visit Schwieters Ford of Montevideo today to test-drive a new Ford, find your dream car and then discover whether buying or leasing is the best choice for you!

Buying vs. Leasing a New Ford in Montevideo, MN


Buy - You have higher monthly payments, but what you pay goes toward eventual ownership.

Lease - You have smaller monthly payments with a set lease term, and at the end of your term you can buy the vehicle or begin a new lease.

Down Payment

Buy - You have a higher down payment. However, the more you put down, the less your monthly payments are.

Lease - You're likely to have a low down payment, and frequent lease specials could even eliminate a down payment.

Mileage Restraints

Buy - You can drive as much as you want, which is better for longer commutes and frequent travel.

Lease - With a set annual mileage limit, you accrue extra fees if you go over mileage limits. This is better for those who don't drive often and don’t travel long distances.


Buy - Owner is responsible for all routine maintenance and repairs.

Lease - Strict maintenance schedule and no long-term repairs necessary.


Buy - You can customize the car with parts and accessories.

Lease - Vehicle must be returned to dealership in same condition as it was in when lease began.